Administrative Services and Offices

The mission of the central administration is to support the operation of the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas regarding its academic, research, economic, social and cultural needs.

The following is the index of offices and services belonging to the central administration of the University.

                    Administrative and Financial Vice Presidency

  Academic Research Projects and Extension Courses

Academic Vice Rectory


Accreditation of the Faculty of Environment



Association of Public Administrative Officers - UD ASEPA -

Biology Laboratories


Centre for Scientific Research and Development

Chemistry Laboratories

Claims and Citizen Services

Coordinatorate of Laboratories of the Faculty of Environment

Disciplinary Affairs

Division of Financial Resources

Division of Physical Resources

Engineering Laboratory

Faculty of Arts - ASAB

Faculty of Arts - ASAB - Academic Secretariat

Faculty of Arts - ASAB - Extended Studies

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Academic Secretariat

Faculty of Engineering Extended Studies

Faculty of Environment

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources Academic Secretariat

Faculty of Environment Extended Studies

Faculty of Science and Education

Faculty of Science and Education Academic Secretariat

Faculty of Science and Education Extended Studies

Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Technology Academic Secretariat

Faculty of Technology Computer Laboratory

Faculty of Technology Extended Studies

General Secretariat

General Store and Inventories


Human Resources

IDEXUD (Institute of Extended and Non-formal Education Studies)

Institute of Educational Studies and Research

Institutional Relations

Institutional services and Support

Internal Control Advisory Office

IPAZUD (Institute for Pedagogy, Peace and Urban Conflict)

Chemistry and Water Quality Laboratory

Forest Health and Biology Laboratory

Languages Institute ILUD

LAUD Radio Station 90.4 FM

Legal Office


Physics Laboratory

Planning and Control



Quality Self-Assessment and Accreditation

Recent Events Section


Research Laboratory of the Faculty of Environment

Silviculture Laboratory

Soil Laboratory

Surveying Laboratory

Systems Advice Bureau



UDNET (Data Network)

UNESCO Lecture

Wood Materials Laboratory

Workers Union